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Our limited wooden figures are based on the traditional Chinese Zodiac Signs, in which we replaced it with the distinctive animals of Taiwan. By the elite branding of wooden toys, we give our products a profound cultural implication and ecological conservation concept, providing fine goods for those who favor wooden craft boutiques and animal figures.

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    Formosan Black Bear Wood Figure台灣黑熊公仔
    Formosan Black Bear Wood Figure台灣黑熊公仔

    Formosan black bear
    台灣黑熊 木製公仔

    「台灣黑熊」、「北極熊」限量木製公仔,透過磁鐵關節吸附裝置,使公仔的四肢及頭部皆可旋轉及拆合。黑熊與北極熊不僅在頭部四肢可進行交換,透過耳朵與腹部零件的交換,配上專屬的熊貓眼罩,還可組合出隱藏版的「大熊貓」!! 希望透過這三隻熊之間有趣的結構關係,讓人們了解到「台灣黑熊」與「北極熊」及「大熊貓」在生態上所面臨的共通窘境。換醒人們對於「台灣黑熊保育」更多的關注與支持。 With the powerful magnets embedded inside the figure's joints, the stock-limit Formosan Black Bear wooden figures have rotatable and detachable limbs and heads. Through the special connection of the bear figures, we hope to remind the very same environmental circumstance that the bears are facing to the public, and also to collect people’s attention and support toward the reservation of Formosan Black Bears.
  • Formosan Hare Wood Figure台灣野兔公仔
    Formosan Hare Wood Figure台灣野兔公仔

    Formosan Hare
    台灣野兔 木製公仔

    台灣野兔原是普遍分佈於全島平地至五百公尺地域內的動物,但今日平原與山坡地早已開發殆盡的台灣,野兔失去了原先的棲息環境,逐漸往山區退避,族群數量愈來愈少。 我們將毛絨絨的兔子造型與圓潤的木工車床技法相互結合。製作出溫潤可愛的台灣野兔公仔。希望讓人們記起台灣的林野間還有這土生土長的野兔,與我們共同生活在這一片土地。 Formosan Hares used to distribute from plains to the regions in altitude of 500 meters. However, nowadays both the plains and hills of Taiwan have been over-developed. The Formosan hares have lost their original natural habitat and moved into the mountains. Their population has been decreased. We combine the furry hare models with the lathe skill, to make the adorable Formosan Hare Figures. Hopefully, by so doing, we can recall the memories of indigenous Formosan Hares living deeply in the mountains and fields, with whom we have shared this piece of land together.
  • Formosan Serow Wood Figure台灣野山羊公仔
    Formosan Serow Wood Figure台灣野山羊公仔

    Formosan Serow
    台灣野山羊 木製公仔

    台灣山羊是台灣土產的動物之一,生性敏感而又帶點害羞的台灣山羊,因血緣與羚羊相近,也被稱作台灣羚羊。台灣山羊則為台灣特有亞種,為狩獵者主要的獵物之一,大量被捕殺之後,今已不多見了。 Formosan serow is one of the indigent animals in Taiwan. They are very sensitive and shy. Formosan serow is related to antelopes by blood; they are also called Taiwan antelope. Formosan serow is an endemic subspecies to Taiwan and the major prey for hunters. Due to mass predation, we can hardly see Formosan serow in the wild today.
  • Formosan Sika Deer Wood Figure梅花鹿公仔
    Formosan Sika Deer Wood Figure梅花鹿公仔

    Formosan Sika Deer
    梅花鹿 木製公仔

    台灣梅花鹿是僅產於台灣本島的特有亞種,台灣從遠古的鹿群遍野,到過度的濫捕及平原棲地的人為破壞之下,梅花鹿終於在野外完全滅絕,僅剩少數人工豢養。與台灣先住民文化、台灣歷史,都有密不可分的關連。 The Formosan Sika Deer is a unique endemic Sub-Species in Taiwan. They used to roam around on our landscapes in ancient times but they are now endangered due to their over catching and the destruction of their habitat. Now, only few still exist in captivity. This precious animal has a tight link to Taiwanese history and aboriginal culture.
  • Hundred Pace Snake Wood Figure百步蛇公仔
    Hundred Pace Snake Wood Figure百步蛇公仔

    Hundred Pace Snake
    百步蛇 木製公仔

    「百步蛇木製公仔」結合了高難度的木環成型技術與矽膠關節及頭部的隱藏式磁鐵,讓公仔能靈活的變換姿態。繁複的曲面蛇紋,更全程以精細的手工噴漆製作而成。面帶微笑的嘴部笑容還可咬住名片或當作MEMO夾使用。讓一般人常常懼怕的蛇,透過溫潤可愛的木頭工藝,以全新的角度來呈現台灣珍貴的蛇類動物。 Hundred-pace snakes are designed and produced with the tough circle- cutting skill by router, silicon joints, and hidden powerful magnets in the head, which helps the figures move in a variety of positions and gestures. The delicate curving snake patterns are manufactured through precise hand-made spray-print. With our mild, adorable handicrafts, snakes, who are always horrifying and scary, are able to represent and profile the rare animal species in Taiwan in a brand new perspective.
  • Leopard Cat Wood Figure台灣石虎公仔
    Leopard Cat Wood Figure台灣石虎公仔

    Leopard Cat
    台灣石虎 木製公仔

    石虎便是老一輩台灣人所習稱的山貓,為僅次於雲豹,台灣最美麗、最威風的貓科動物。 我們將石虎身上繁複的特徵加以設計簡化,透過移印的方式於圓潤的木頭表面上呈現石虎的獨特花紋。並改良了過去磁鐵外露的節構,運用特殊研發的木栓將磁鐵包覆在裡面,讓產品不但安全又兼具耐用的特性。 Leopard cats are mountain cats so called by the older generation of Taiwanese. The animal is the most beautiful and awesome member next to Formosan cloud leopards in the family of Felidae. Simplifying the complicated patterns on the Leopard cats, we transfer-print the unique spots of the Leopard Cats on the European Beech. By reforming the old joint structure, we cover the powerful magnets in the wood, which makes the products stable and safe.